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  • We who refuse to forgive - we who live in the gall of bitterness - will become victims of torture. If we nurture feelings of bitterness we are little better than inmates of an internal concentration camp. For your sake, let me urge you to put away all bitterness NOW. The escape route is clearly marked. It leads to the cross...where the only One who had a right to be bitter wasn't. (See Genesis 27:41)

    ~ Chuck Swindoll - Posted By: anonymous

  • Basically, I no longer work for anything but the sensation I have while working.

    ~ Albert Giacometti 1901 - 1966 Posted By: anonymous

  • We talk about heaven being so far away. It is within speaking distance to those who belong there. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.

    ~ Dwight L. Moody 1837 - 1899 Posted By: anonymous

  • There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate; when he can't afford it, and when he can.

    ~ Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) 1835 - 1910 Posted By: anonymous

  • Black holes are where God divided by zero.

    ~ Steven Wright - Posted By: anonymous

  • There is no passion so contagious as that of fear.

    ~ Montaigne 1533 - 1592 Posted By: anonymous

  • Like you as you are; Exactly and precisely. I think you turned out nicely.

    ~ Reverend Fred Rogers 1928 - 2003 Posted By: anonymous

  • Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

    ~ William Arthur Ward 1921 - 1994 Posted By: anonymous

  • No man is justified in doing evil on the grounds of expediency.

    ~ Theodore Roosevelt 1858 - 1919 Posted By: anonymous

  • There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer.

    ~ John Wooden 1910 - 2010 Posted By: anonymous


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