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  • None of us knows what life has in store, but it's easy to have courage when you know the courage comes from God.

    ~ Carson Leslie 1992 - 2010 Posted By: anonymous

  • It is better to build children than to repair adults.

    ~ Unknown - Posted By: anonymous

  • You can either make peace or get the credit for it. You cannot do both.

    ~ David Augsburger - Posted By: anonymous

  • Are you having troubles? You should pray. Are you happy? You should sing.

    ~ James 5:13 (Easy-to-Read Version) - Posted By: anonymous

  • "I can forgive, but I cannot for forget," is only another way of saying, "I cannot forgive."

    ~ Henry Ward Beecher 1813 - 1887 Posted By: anonymous

  • All excellent things are as difficult as they are rare.

    ~ Benedict Spinoza 1632 - 1677 Posted By: anonymous

  • Innovation is a practice, a set of habits, and it involves making a lot of mistakes and being willing to learn from them.

    ~ Scott Berkun - Posted By: anonymous

  • There is no road or ready way to virtue.

    ~ Sir Thomas Brown 1605 - 1682 Posted By: anonymous

  • Watch your child in action. Get involved. Open your eyes. Perk up your ears. Learn the bents, the abilities, the characteristics, the good, the bad, and then adapt your training accordingly. (See Proverbs 22:6)

    ~ Chuck Swindoll - Posted By: anonymous

  • Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

    ~ H. G. Wells 1866 - 1946 Posted By: anonymous


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