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  • A house is made of bricks and beams, a home is made of love and dreams.

    ~ Unknown - Posted By: anonymous

  • He that is not merciful to his beast is a beast himself.

    ~ Thomas Fuller 1608 - 1661 Posted By: anonymous

  • The loafer says, "There's a lion on the loose! If I go out I'll be eaten alive!"

    ~ Proverbs 22:13 (The Message) - Posted By: anonymous

  • Who with a little cannot be content, Endures an everlasting punishment.

    ~ Robert Herrick 1591 - 1674 Posted By: anonymous

  • Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.

    ~ Robert Burton 1577 - 1640 Posted By: anonymous

  • Let thy discontents be thy secrets; if the world knows them, twill despise thee and increase them.

    ~ Benjamin Franklin 1706 - 1790 Posted By: anonymous

  • Glorifying God means being occupied with and committed to His ways rather than preoccupied with and determined to go my own way. It is being so thrilled with Him, so devoted to Him, so committed to Him that we cannot get enough of Him. (See Jeremiah 13:16)

    ~ Chuck Swindoll - Posted By: anonymous

  • You can persuade others if you are wise and speak sensibly.

    ~ Proverbs 16:23 (Contemporary English Version) - Posted By: anonymous

  • No young man believes he shall ever die.

    ~ William Hazlett 1778 - 1830 Posted By: anonymous

  • How rare are those who live differently! Ask God to do an new work in you this day, to lift your sights above the expected, to develop in you the qualities that make for excellence. As He lifts your sights, watch for those who may be struggling in their quest...perhaps dangerously near giving up. May He grant you a sensitive heart and a ready word of encouragement. (See Esther 4:9-16)

    ~ Chuck Swindoll - Posted By: anonymous


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